VERO is a great place for bloggers


I’m using Vero to share my blog posts, and you should too!

We’ve all heard of the fallout between photographers and Instagram. The platform started as a place for sharing lovely stills, and moments in time.

They eventually grew and allowed for video creation which is fair, and it was good for a while. The same with stories, and while people were hesitant at first, we soon grew to like the features.

Then, TikTok came along, and IG HAD to copy that platform as well. Reels were okay, even though most people reshared their TikToks to Reels. But then, Instagram went and flipped the platform on it’s head. They started making video more prominent which made photographers and og creators angry. And for good reason, because IG wasn’t built for video, and they should show love from the original creators who helped grow the platform.

Anyway, that’s a little rant, and creators started going to Vero to share their photos. This is great, because VERO is a really nice platform and needs big players on their side.

Of course, Bloggers could never use IG, and you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. You’re probably shouting at me, “BUT MICHAEL, WE’RE NOT PHOTOGRAPHERS, WE’RE WRITERS, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH US?!?”.

Here’s the good news

Vero has a secret up it’s sleeve which not many people know about. Or they’re not using it like I am. You can share links! And that’s not the only good news, but when you share links, there’s no algorithm that pushes it down the ranks. Twitter and Facebook has algorithms which push links away from your audience, and Vero doesn’t.

From the image above, I’m the only one out of the people I follow who shares links. Most people share photos, music, books and places, but not links. Why? I’m not sure. But I’m going to monopolise on this while I still can, and you should too.

How does Vero work?

This is my profile page. You can see featured links, videos and photos.

You might be wondering, if Vero doesn’t use algorithms, then how does it work? Do you remember the days of yonder when algorithms to make content relevant didn’t exist?

The only way people could discover content was by finding and following like-minded people. The content shown was then shown from newest to oldest. Which is another big win for us, because we can create communities and not worry about being penalised by silly algorithms or shadowbanned because the platform things we’re spamming.

The platform doesn’t work in the web browser, but you can download the app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and iPad. It’s a fluent app, and they’ve put a lot of hard work and effort into 2.0. Give them a try, and follow me if you wish to.

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