101% Reached of my target for Macmillan Cancer Research


It’s been over a week since my colleagues and I completed the Jurassic Hike for Macmillan cancer support. I’m happy to announce that I finished the 26-mile hike and raised a total of £253.44 which is 101% of my target. Together as a team, we all managed to succeed our targets and in total reached 117% of our goal which amounts to £2,045.87.

This is amazing and I’m well and truly shocked and surprised with the amount of donations and support we received for doing this. The whole hike was amazing and I actually made an Instagram post which describes exactly how I felt. Instead of rewriting it, I will share the image below and you can read more.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, shared and supported our efforts towards such an amazing cause. You are all awesome and I love you all.

75% of target reached for the Macmillan Mighty Hike


For everyone who has donated and shared, I just wanted to say a massive thank you. The event starts next week and it’s a gruelling 26-mile hike. We are now 75% towards our target, and I need your help to reach 100%. Please donate if you can, if not then please share this article so others can see.

My colleagues and I have done so much training, and gone through so much pain in preparation for the event. Just last weekend, we walked 22 miles, and our bodies hurt the next day. However, all this training and pain is worth it. It’s worth it, because those of have battled cancer, or are still battling cancer have gone through so much more.

They battle through the pain, they battle through the heartache, anxiety and so much more! This makes what we are doing worth it.

My mum battled cancer twice and won. She is my hero and everything I do, I do it for her. Of course, not everyone is as lucky and we must remember those who lost the battle to cancer. That’s why we’re doing this, to help the survival rate and to ensure cancer becomes a non-issue.

Please help us, donate and share anywhere you can and we will be super grateful for your support. We love you all!

Crossfit Open 2019


In 4 to 5 days, we will be finding out what our first workout called 19.1 will be. This will be my third year going into the open, and I’m not nervous. The open workouts are just a way for me to see how I stack against my previous self and those within my box. It is nothing more than a benchmark, and I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of people. It’s always exciting to see athletes compete on top form and they always seem to make it look so easy. I used to think that I could do it like them, but I’ve learnt I’ll never be as good as they are.

This is because I simply don’t have the time. If I had the time and money, then sure I would definitely train like them. My goal would go from training for health to training at a competitive level. However, this isn’t the case and I’m here to enjoy myself, my training and the competitions I enter.

The atmosphere in each box during this time can be incredible. It can be the most supportive experience anyone will ever witness. Crowds spectating and encouraging their fellow athletes to push through each workout. To truly reach the pinnacle of their fitness during a workout. It’s simply amazing, wonderful and exhilirating all in one.

Are you entering the open? If so, what are your reasons, and what are you most looking forward to? Sound off in the comments below. Also, if you enjoyed reading this post, please consider following me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Roller Coaster of a workout


This morning’s Crossfit workout was a roller-coaster.

21 – 15 – 9 cals/reps (5 minute time cap)

  • Assault bike
  • Shuttle run


  • Row
  • Plate lunges (20kg)


  • Ski ERG
  • Dumbbell snatch (22.5kg)

Because there was such a large number of us in the morning, we had to pair up and one started while the other rested. My partner went first because he wanted to get it out of the way, I was happy to go second so I could watch.

Playing the long game

I studied how he paced the workout, and he didn’t go all out like I normally would. When it came to my turn, I kept a decent pace and finished the bike and row before the 5-minute time cap. I was really happy with this result because I thought I would never finish any of them on time. It then came to the ski ERG and snatch, now I love a good snatch especially with dumbbells. I thought I would be pretty comfortable, but I didn’t factor in how bad I would be at the ski. It literally took so much energy out of me, to a point where I was shaking. I got the 21 calories down and out, and started the snatch. These were lifted pretty comfortably and I thought I might be okay.

Anxiety building

Then I got back to the ski and oh my god, the struggle was real. My partner helped me push forward and I did everything I could. “Almost there, get back to the snatch” I could hear him shouting. I pushed and pushed, then managed to get out one last snatch before the time ran out. It was tough and a huge mental battle as I could feel the anxiety building up right to the end. After completing the workout, I felt proud of my achievement, the workout was RX’d, and I actually managed to get some good finishing times.

Roarfit (Newton Abbot Crossfit) Review


How I started at Roarfit (Newton Abbot Crossfit)

I’ve been going to Roarfit for over 3 years, and I believe a blog review is long overdue. I started going before it was called Roarfit, it started as Newton Abbot Crossfit. When I first started, I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t even know what Crossfit was until I started. It all began because I took my cat to the vets and I saw a bunch of girls and guys flipping tyres. I turned to my wife and said “I want to give this a go”, and so I did.

Matt, the owner and first coach of Roarfit (Newton Abbot Crossfit) was very welcoming; he offered an introductory class which tested our strength and endurance. It was mainly running with some easy weight lifting added in. I believe it started with an 800m run, some kettlebell swings and another 800m run. My mind was like “this is easy. I can do this”. Running full pelt at the start, I overtook everyone, and then halfway around, I was knackered. It ended up being a jog back. I was too knackered to lift properly and just about survived the last 800m run. The session ended with Matt asking if I would return, and my answer was a simple “of course”.

Roarfit is a home from home.

Since then, I have been a returning customer ever since. There have been many people coming and going, but the atmosphere within the gym (or box) has remained the same. Everyone is always so welcoming and warming, and we never let anyone suffer alone. Roarfit is a home from home, and all the people there are amazing friends and always so supportive. If every gym were like this, then the world would be a much better, safer place.

Give Roarfit a visit.

If you live in Newton Abbot, or you’re near the area, then I would recommend you give them a visit. They will be more than welcoming, and they’ll answer any questions you may have.

Want to see my Crossfit transformation? Click here.

A year of Fitbit statistics…


This morning I decided to take a look at my Fitbit stats, and I thought… “I wonder what my yearly stats are like”. Taking a look, and I am really surprised by these stats. You can see what they are below, and as you can see, I have accomplished a lot.

That is probably my most active year, however, I will be looking to make this year even bigger. More calories burned, more steps, more floors and just all around more of living life. Now I have stats, I will be doing this again next year and compare the differences, along with goals, what went well, what didn’t etc.

Best Hip Stretches to do while at Work


Yesterday, my hips were very tight because of some heavy squats I did on Monday. My hips were very immobile, and today I’ll talk you through some hip stretches you can do at work.

1. Standing leg cradle – hip stretch at work

I chose this one first because it’s my favourite, and I have a standing desk at work. I will do this pose on my stool and get my body as low to the ground as possible. Yesterday, I could barely get my foot up onto the stool, but after using this stretch for a day, I’m now able to. If your hips aren’t very flexible, then you may feel some pain or discomfort. If this happens then lift the back of your foot and ease yourself into it. After a while of doing this stretch, it will ease and become a lot easier.

2. The pigeon pose

If you don’t have a stool, or you feel really uncomfortable, you can try this hip stretch while at work. You place your front leg at a 90 degree, and your back leg comes out from behind. You can either push your body as low down to the ground as possible, or you can go as far back as your body allows. Try forcing your back leg further back to really get into that hip stretch.

3. Hip Mobility Squat

This is a good one, and it’s super simple to do. You need to get down into a squat position and place your arms inside your legs. You can place your hands on the floor for balance, and you can then push your arms out forcing your legs to go as far out as possible. Try to find some discomfort and also try to sway your hips from side to side, and in a circle. You should feel a really nice stretch on both sides of your hips.

These are just three of the best hip stretches to do while at work, if you liked these and would like more in the future, then please let me know. Have these stretches helped your hips at all? What other hip stretches would you recommend while at work?

How I manage to get to Crossfit every morning


Some days I wake up at 4:30, others at 5 on weekdays then on Saturday I get up at 7 in the morning. How do I do this you ask?

It started off when I read the book called “The Chimp Paradox“, and it would tell me ways to silence my chimp. The chimp is the voice in the back of your head, screaming when it doesn’t want you to do something. Your chimp wants rewards and none of the work. You need to understand your chimp and learn how to reward it with work.

When I get up in the morning, I will literally jump out of bed. This will shock my body and my chimp, and it won’t know what to do before it’s happened. Some days, I’ll want to stay in bed, but I know my reward is a satisfied body once I’ve worked out. Crossfit is something I enjoy and that is my reward for the morning. The social aspect, working out and everything in between is all something that makes me happy.

If you do something in the morning that’s a self-reward, then you are more likely to wake up. That reward could be a tea or coffee. It could be working out, reading a book or even writing. If you do this reward before heading out to work, then you’ll probably feel a lot more happier throughout your day to day life.

Ask yourself “What is my reward?” and wake up to that every day. You can even comment your reward down below as a way to hold yourself accountable.

3 years at CrossFit


“It’s a social experience like no other where no one judges and everyone encourages progression.”

A memory popped up on Facebook today and it’s reminded me why I joined Crossfit. I initially joined because I was unhappy with my weight. I got to 16st (~101kg) and I was feeling slightly unhappy with my weight gain. It’s not a huge amount of weight compared to other’s, but it was my heaviest weight. Also, posture was a biggie for me, I have Anterior Pelvic Tilt (or APT) and I walked with a bounce.

4 months in and I could already see a huge improvement, I was eating more healthy meals and the weight started shedding off. Since then, Crossfit has become a huge part of my life. I’ve entered many competitions, raised money for good causes and gained good friendships out of the experience. If anyone has ever wondered whether they should join a Crossfit box, then I 100% recommend it. It’s a social experience like no other where no one judges and everyone encourages progression.

Another positive side-effect is that it’s really helped with my anxieties. I feel more positive within myself and feeling stronger every day is amazing, what’s not to like about that?

Raising money for cancer

Local Crossfit competition at Newton Abbot Crossfit

23-mile hike for Macmillan Cancer


On the 15th of June, I will be taking part in a 23-mile hike for Macmillan Cancer with a few colleagues from work, and I am super excited to be taking part in this. We will all be training together, but I’m not too worried. I’ve been doing CrossFit for over 3 years and feel I have it in the bag.

Last year I raised £175 for Macmillan and I am so grateful for the donations. However, this year I want to more than double the donation, and I can only do this with your help. If you can, please donate to my JustGiving page, and I will be super grateful. Alternatively, you can share the page on social media and I will be forever thankful.