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  • Watch as fireman cat rescues cat stuck in a tree

    Watch as fireman cat rescues cat stuck in a tree

    Advertisements I’m stuck for ideas today but I hope you can enjoy this video as much as I did. It’s funny, and silly, and hopefully it cheers you up if you’re feeling glum! It certainly cheered me up when I watched it. Fireman cat! www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/oqm0zl/oh_fireman_cat_you_so_silly/ Video explained Fireman cat is relaxing with their owner until […]

  • Airplane cat coming in for a rough landing

    Advertisements This airplane is experiencing a lot of turbulence and headwind. Please fasten your seatbelts and wait for further instruction. While we attempt to make this landing, please remain calm at all times. We are professionals and we know what we are doing. However, you may need to follow safety precautions if the issue persists. […]

  • Find related subreddits based on your interests

    Advertisements The other day, I released a blog about an adorable scrungy cat. My Twitter friend, Arvid, said how “Reddit can be so good sometimes.”. We then spoke about the little corners of subreddits. And then he shared a link that gives you similar subreddits based on your query. For instance, if I choose “cats”, […]

  • Adorable Scrungy cat found on Reddit

    Advertisements I was browsing through Reddit for some inspiration to post to my blog, and I found this super cute scrungy cat. They turned it into some retro artwork that looks amazing! Hopefully, you agree. Find the original post here. Also, this is the first time I’ve shared a Reddit post that I’ve enjoyed. Would […]

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