The future of blogging is Headless and the JAMStack

I haven’t made a blog post in a while. But as some of you may know, I migrated my website from WordPress to VuePress and moved to host from SiteGround to Netlify. I am super happy with the results and everything just works and won’t break randomly. My site can’t get hacked because everything is completely static and I also get an added benefit of speed.

My site on SiteGround was going so slow. It was in the 20s for mobile and now it’s in the 60s which is incredible. For desktop, it’s around 98 to 100 (Google PageSpeed results can vary). The speed improvements are now down to me to sort out since it’s not the fault of Netlify. This is great because it gives me more control on how to improve my site which I will be working on at some point. Right now I’m looking at moving and to Netlify. Which will be using Vue (not VuePress) and TailWind CSS as my main assets. Progress is slow due to other work commitments. But it’s going great and I hope to be releasing very soon.

How I’m adding content

You may be wondering how I’m adding content which is another interesting topic. I could add or edit my posts locally and preview locally before pushing to Git and then deploying to Netlify. However, an easier way is to use NetlifyCMS. You simply add an HTML file into a public admin directory, hook up “Identity” using the Netlify backend. Then create a configuration file which tells Netlify where and how you want your pages to save. Once done, you can then go to /admin and create new pages or posts. Once saved, Netlify will push it up to GitHub which will then automatically trigger a deploy ready for everyone to see.

It’s well and truly amazing, and if you want to know how I got started using VuePress as my blog, you can check out this lovely blog post by Howar31.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I will try to get back to more of a schedule very soon. Also, I will be constantly updating this site as there are lots of improvements to be made. Such as lazy loading images, a better RSS feed, and possibly a custom VuePress theme.

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