The power of AI and bots

I have started seeing the sudden increase in AI and bots and I am so excited to see where this is heading. First we had Microsoft introduce Tay the Twitter AI which unfortunately saw it's demise when it got turned into a racist drug dealer. Tay displayed just how powerful their AI could be even if it turned against the rules set to keep it at bay.

Next, we saw Microsoft give a centralised API for Microsoft apps which is a pretty neat. Then Facebook decided we need to chat to robots in order to find what we need and when we want it. This is another API which businesses can tap into and again, it could go far once the AI is trained and giving out results.

One showcase which Microsoft has recently showed us is their bot which can take better pictures than the every day photographer on the iPhone. If I had an iPhone, I would be downloading this right now just to see how well it performs, but unfortunately, they can't really showcase it on Windows Phone where there is a lack of market (keeping my fingers crossed mind).

Google even thinks that bots are something which need to be tapped in to and they have in fact brought out their own chat bot which looks to perform just as well as the Google search engine and maybe even better than Facebook's messenger bots.

Windows Central even believes that one day, bots could replace apps as you could end up asking the bot to order you food, or even order your groceries or anything you could wish for. Maybe one day, these bots could predict what you need and when and even order all of it for you without the need to lift a finger.

This is especially true when you think about the plethora of smart devices coming out. Washing machines, fridge freezers, televisions (even my TV is starting to suggest what I switch over to at certain times). All of these smart devices could one day connect to each other and communicate with a shopping list which could then be ordered and delivered on a day you're in.

What do you guys think about this and are you excited for the future of AI?