This man found out he has cancer, give him some love.

I haven’t watched his videos in a while, but this one caught my eye as it was titled “Well this sucks”. Curiosity got the better of me, and I had to take a look. He talks about recently opening up with mental health and struggles to find tell us his news. He gets to a point where he tells us, and it’s testicular cancer. Fuck.

He goes onto explain his visits and then, later on, they will have to remove both. He won’t be able to have kids and he doesn’t know how to tell his family or his wife. To me, this is absolutely heartbreaking. A genuinely kind and caring person who shows his interests online has been hit with this terrible news.

What really breaks my heart is the fact he and his wife wanted kids, and now they can’t have any, it’s horrific and I feel we need to let him know we’re here for him.


Give him some love

I’ve asked my Twitter followers to show him some love and support and I hope they are doing. I would like to ask my readers to do the same. Please head on over to his channel and show him some love.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself…

Please also remember to check yourself regularly, it doesn’t take long and it could literally save your life. Deadpool has a fantastically funny yet serious video regarding this issue. Remember if you feel a lump, please get it checked out.

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