Why I haven’t been posting about CrossFit recently

Most of my followers know how much I love CrossFit, and I usually post my experience from a workout or two every now and then. However, some of you may have noticed the lack of posts around CrossFit.

It’s been a real mental struggle for me recently. I try to go first thing in the morning which is at 6am. I normally wake up around 4-5am and make a coffee for my wife and I. She has hers placed on a mug warmer ready for when she wakes. I made a habit of going 4-5 days a week before I took on the 3-peaks challenge. However, after coming back from that, I had to recover from the tears on my feet.

That wasn’t too bad, because I started going back in, and I was getting back into the habit. I then got COVID which wiped me out for a couple of weeks, since then, I haven’t been able to get back into the habit of going to CrossFit. The most I’ve made it in a week is about 3-days.

I’ve been struggling mentally, and I haven’t been able to push myself to stay awake long enough to make it to CrossFit. I’d check my phone and watch and look at the alarms, and rather than put them on snooze, I would turn them off, book out of the CrossFit class, and go back to sleep.

Then, I would wake up around 6-7am and feel guilty for not turning up, but my mind would be like “well, you got some well needed rest” and I would feel a little less guilty. I’ve been waking up sluggish, and my excuse for that was because I need more sleep. I’ve been getting way more than enough sleep. I make sure I go to bed early enough to get 7 hours of sleep.

If I go back to bed, then I’m getting 8-9 hours of sleep which is more than is needed to get through the day. My class buddies have even got in contact to ask how I’m doing and if I’m coming back. This makes me feel both good and bad because it feels good that I’m missed, and they want me to come back. But I also feel bad because I know I should have been going. It’s also been the kick I’ve needed to get back into the habit. I want to get back to 5-days a week.

A part of me says it will take a week or two to make that habit again since I should go easy and start at 3-4 days a week and go up to 5-days a week. But that part of my brain is a little bitch, and I need to push myself for the full 5-days in order to get back into the habit.

I’ll update you on how this goes. Hopefully, over the next couple of months I can keep the habit up, and update you with good news. Otherwise, I haven’t tried hard enough, and I will have failed myself in not going.

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