5 tips for staying cool during a heatwave

It’s getting hot, here’s 5 tips for staying cool during a heatwave

  1. Close your windows and doors
    If your windows are in direct heat and they’re left open, then you’ll be bringing in warm air. If you have a fan (or fans), then it will constantly be trying to cool warm air. Keep your windows closed in order to cool down the air that’s already in your house.
  2. Close your curtains
    Again, if your windows are in direct sun, then it’s a good idea to close the blinds and/or curtains. Especially if they’re not blackout or darker coloured. Lighter colours will bounce heat away more.
  3. Put your fans on as early as possible
    If you turn your fans on early, they can get to work faster and circulate the colder air for longer.
  4. Open windows and doors that are covered in shade
    I know this may seem like a contradiction but if you have windows and doors that aren’t in direct sun, then they can actually bring in cooler air. This will then circulate through your house, and the fans won’t have so much work to do.
  5. Create ice blocks and put them in front of your fans
    Personally, I filled up some plastic airlock boxes with water and froze them. I then got some books to align the ice better with my fan. This has helped to circulate cooler air around my house. If you don’t have air conditioning then this could be an alternative for you.
  6. Bonus: Put salt in your water before freezing
    I know this was a list of 5 tips, but I thought I would throw this in as a bonus. Before freezing your water, add some salt into the mix to make the ice last a little longer than usual. This also means you won’t have freeze your blocks as often.
This is a picture of my block of ice in front of my tower fan. 5 tips for staying cool during a heatwave
This is a picture of my block of ice in front of my tower fan.

Liked these 5 tips for staying cool during a heatwave? Have any suggestions for staying cool? Let us know in the comments below.

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