ActivityPub Test

If you follow me, then I appologise for duplicating this post. You see, I’ve been testing the ActivityPlug plugin which allows you to connect your blog to the fediverse. It’s a very interesting protocol which opens up your blog to social following, interactions and comments. It’s fantastic, and I recommend people try it out.

One reason why this has been duplicated is because I discovered a plugin was breaking the /author/michaeldbrooks returned JSON. It was JetPack Boost. This means if you want to use AP, and you have boost activated, you will need to deactivate that plugin.

You also need to ensure that your author page is enabled. If you have an SEO plugin such as YOAST or Rank Math, then you will need to configure the settings which is easily done.

If you’re on Mastodon or Pleroma, or any other fediverse platform, then you can follow me by searching for @michaeldbrooks.

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  1. Michael Brooks :verified: avatar

    @michaeldbrooks amazing to see I received a notification on Mastodon almost instantly!

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