Appreciation Post

As it’s a Monday, and Monday’s can usually bring us down. I thought I would use this post as a way of appreciation. I want to thank all of my blog, email, Twitter followers, friends and family. Without you reading my blog and the support you give, I probably wouldn’t have created so many posts in such a short time-span.

I managed to kick my anxiety which would tell me not to post because no one would read it. And thanks to all you lovely people, you’ve helped me feel grateful for the audience I have created. Without you guys, I would have probably stopped short in January and not bothered any more. I’m going to run some more experiments on my blog for the foreseeable future, so I can get an insight into what works, and what doesn’t. I hope you all stick around, and for anyone new here, I hope you find your place here.

If this is the first post you’ve read, then please take a look at my past posts. I’m hoping you will like my content and stick around. You can even follow my RSS feed, or you can subscribe to my newsletter using the sidebar. I have Twitter and Facebook if that’s more your thing.

What are you grateful or appreciative of this month? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Cara H avatar

    Thannk you for writing this

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