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Atomic Habits Journal | A notion Template for sale

Yesterday, I started reading “Atomic Habits”, and so far, it’s a fantastic read. I’m two chapters in and have already learnt so much. There will be a post in the future that will review the book. As well as add a summary of my thoughts.

Meanwhile, I have also been using Notion as my day to day planner. This is when an idea hit! Wouldn’t it be great to create a habit/system tracker template that anyone can use?

I have created a Notion template called Atomic Habits Journal that anyone can purchase and use for their own personal use. Simply purchase through my Ko-Fi store, and it will direct you to the template. From here, you can duplicate the template and use it as much as you’d like. Of course, you can also change it to suit your personal needs. It’s a fantastic starter template, and I think you will love your purchase as much as I have created it. Track goals, weekly good habits, weekly bad habits, and take notes wherever inspiration strikes.

The cost for the template starts at £10, but you can pay more if you’re feeling generous. I appreciate any purchase and support from my fellow readers, and I hope you find it as useful as I have. There will be updates, and all updates will be free for life. If you’d like to add feedback, please feel free to get in touch.

Also, I’m more than happy to ask any questions you might have. All comments are welcome. Feel free to fire them below. There will also be more Notion templates in the future, which will be announced here as well. As an example, I will be creating a CrossFit Journal and a Self-Care journal in the future.

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