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Windows 11 is coming… Here are my thoughts.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 11. To some, it wasn’t a surprise because it had been leaked. However, to most people, this will come as a surprise. Especially when Microsoft themselves said Windows 10 would be their final major OS.


Microsoft Teams is baked into Windows 11

Microsoft Teams is baked into the taskbar

I’m going to start with a possibly controversial feature. Microsoft has decided to add Microsoft Teams into the Windows 11 OS by default. It looks like they are trying to target Teams to a broader audience. Before, it was targeted for businesses, but now it looks like they target a general consumer audience. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for them in the future.

There are comments on people wanting to remove Teams as soon as they receive the upgrade, and I’m sure this trend will continue unless Microsoft can make it better for everyone.

Android apps are coming to Windows 11

TikTok (the Android app) working on Windows 11

I think the fact Android apps are coming to the next OS is fascinating. There has been a lack of apps and support from app creators. Hopefully, more users will use these apps, and then developers will see a market for Windows apps. With any luck, they will see this potential market and create new, native apps.

The start menu has moved and has a clean look

Windows 11 Start menu

The start menu has a fresh new look, and they have moved it toward the centre of the screen. I’m personally not sure how to feel about this, especially on desktop. However, it looks like a good move for those on smaller screens and tablets. The menu itself has a nice, clean look, and I’m excited to use it and become acquainted.

Game improvements galore!

Another new update that I’m excited to see is the improvements to gaming graphics and speed. Game developers don’t need to update their games, and the differences should be noticeable as soon as you receive the upgrade.

When will Windows 11 be released?

The update will be here in late 2021 or early 2022. It probably depends on how fast they can fix the bugs based on feedback from testers. Those on the development build of Windows 10 will be able to get the update within the next couple of weeks. However, you will most certainly see bugs which means you shouldn’t install them on your main device(s).

Normal users will have to wait a lot longer because there will be lots for Microsoft to go through. Are you excited to see this new update, or will you be sticking to Windows 10 for the foreseeable future?

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