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Brehm a tough CrossFit workout


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Yesterday, I completed the workout called “Brehm”. The workout is for time and the limit was 16 minutes. The movements are as follows… 10 rope climbs > 20 back squats > 30 HSPUs > 40 calories on the rower.

For most of the rope climbs, I managed to get to the top with one tuck. It felt really good until there were moments where my form was lost. My right leg would sometimes move away from the rope when it should be going towards the rope. I honestly had no idea what my leg was doing but it was pretty frustrating. 😂

The worst part of Brehm is the back squats and HSPUs

Then I worked on the back squats which I did at 70kg. I had to break them up 3 or 4 times due to the weight but I managed to finish them all. It was probably one of the worst movements.

The handstand push-ups were done from a box. I started with pike HSPUs with my legs straight. After my first set of 10, I decided to use my knees. I then carried on until I reached the final 10 reps. This is when I did pike HSPUs from the floor and I finished my reps. They were a struggle and probably just as bad as the back squats.

The calories on the rower were probably the best bit. I stayed under 1,000 cals an hour because I didn’t want to go out too hot. It was a steady pace, and I managed to completed Brehm in 15 minutes and 50 seconds which is below the 16 minute usual time cap..

This was a great time, and I was really happy with how I finished. I think if I were to do it again, I would do all my HSPUs from the knees on a box. I feel like I could have probably finished all the reps from there. 70kg on the bar was the exact weight I needed. I’d love to reach 100kg at some point but I don’t think I’ll get there any time soon.

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8 responses to “Brehm a tough CrossFit workout”

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  2. Thumbup avatar

    OH boy! Not going to work for me!

    1. Michael Brooks avatar

      The great thing about CrossFit is you can always scale the workout. You can do rope get ups, a lighter back squat and pike push-ups.

      1. Thumbup avatar

        Michael Brooks,
        I could do that maybe. One thing I kno I need to do something about myself soon!

      2. Michael Brooks avatar

        I was the same at one point. Before doing CrossFit, I was an unfit office worker. I saw people flipping tyres outside of a local gym and wanted to do that as well. That’s when I got into it and before that, I had no idea what it was. I’ve never been motivated to workout and I’ve tried the gym with 0 success. Finding a local CrossFit gym was the best thing that happened, and if you find a good CrossFit gym with good coaches, they’ll teach you everything and scale everything as needed.

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  4. HowieRich avatar

    I assume you mean crossfit, mix cardio and weight training?

    1. Michael Brooks avatar

      CrossFit is a mix of cardio, gymnastic movements and weight training. It will have a good mix of all three a lot of the time, but it can vary depending on the day.

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