Creator Interview with Ravi Kikan

I’ve been following Ravi on Twitter for a while, he’s a great supportive person, and constantly helps those around him. He has created groups to help support entrepreneurs and start-ups and is a constant conversation-started. Please enjoy this interview.


Hi Ravi, thank you so much for answering some questions. How are you?

Fantastic and thanks for asking. I am doing as good as New Zealand as we talk 🙂

I ❤️ startups and work with awesome startups & entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses, scaling up and building growth. I am currently leading the marketing and growth for ZingHR which is an HR Tech venture with over a million users globally.

You have quite a big following on Twitter. For those that aren’t aware of what you do, could you please tell them a little bit of your background?

My experience in Startups and Enterprise sectors like Media & PR, Fintech, Education, Digital, Retail, Mobile, Healthcare, AI, IoT, Tech, e-Commerce, Real Estate has helped me to launch & grow ventures. I love working with entrepreneurs, enterprises, community builders and investors who are focussed at growth.

I am the author of one of the best-loved books for startups and entrepreneurs. How To Validate Your Startup Business Idea. Anyone planning or thinking about starting up a new venture or business should ideally read this book:

Amazon India: Amazon Global:

I have published my second book Bounce Back Now (which was trending as the number 1 new release on Amazon) for all the aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, students, professionals, small business owners, who are thinking about launching their business or have already launched their business despite tough times. It is also my endeavour to support individuals who might be in a closed state of mind, pessimistic, depressed or might have failed in their previous efforts

Amazon India Amazon Global

I am also the group owner & moderator for many large global online communities on LinkedIn & Facebook. One of them is > Startup Specialists is one of the largest groups for startups amid the 2 mill+ groups on LinkedIn which has around 380,000+ global members.

I see you’re always trying to inspire and encourage lateral thinking. What made you decide to go down this route?

My own failures and failures that I see around me.

Now imagine a group of great tech guys with a great product which has a market fit and paying customers but bomb down their venture because they can’t market the product. They just go unnoticed.

There has to be a bunch of people who have to speak their heart out, no matter what. They also need to handhold or advise people in the right direction. You might not always have a recipe for success but you can always save people from not sinking in failure.

I see you’re always trying to inspire and encourage lateral thinking. What made you decide to go down this route?

I think the willingness to learn and relearn and help people especially aspiring entrepreneurs and growth bound startups to scale up around the world. This is also a step towards looking and learning from the real ground level where people operate & work and build their products or businesses.

I think my own failures have also taught me to see failures as a matter of just falling down. They are not permanent roadblocks, they need to be just tossed away.

How do you gain and organise your thoughts to create them?

I think I write wherever I can, whenever I can….

The best way is to share and collaborate on experiences. People generally have a fear of being judged and do not share what they will be judged on.

I see you’re always trying to inspire and encourage lateral thinking. What made you decide to go down this route?

Keep in mind that your learning and unlearning should never stop and always remember and never forget that “Falling down is NOT Failure, Failure is Never Final”

Finally, where can my audience find you?

They can find me on social media and connect with me. I would love to hear stories of how people have bounced back now and grown in life beyond their challenges.

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