Dog walking with my wife

Tiff used to own a pet sitting business where should would look after many different pets. However, she has given that business up during the COVID period because it wasn’t bringing any money in.

She has since kept a handful of clients who she’s had a good relationship with, and will do some dog walking every now and then. She’s currently walking Maggie and Bailey who are gorgeous and well-behaved. They’re always a pleasure to walk, and I decided to take a few pics.

Maggie is a short-haired terrier. She has a muzzle because she can get nippy with other small dogs. We call it small dog syndrome. Bailey is a well behaved golden retriever who can be let off his lead when we’re off the road. He will stay near us, and has amazing recall.

If I could have a dog with any traits, I’d definitely choose Bailey’s. He does have a love for food, and will often go up to people eating. He’ll also go up to bird feed and other random food stuffs, but he knows to leave it when we say no. We just need to be aware of where he’s going and what he’s trying to do.

Its nice when we get a chance to walk this pair, and I always enjoy walking with Tiff when I get free time.

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