Easter bank holiday

This Easter bank holiday has been a bit of a quiet one. It always throws many of us off because we have both Friday, and Monday off which is a rarity. We tend to panic because we think we have to go back to work. We double check what we’re supposed to do, and then some of us go back to bed. While others will get up because it’s a thing of habit.

Most of the day is spent wondering what we should be doing. Especially if one doesn’t have anything planned. We’re creatures of habit, and often when things change, we either panic or feel lost. Often, I feel lost, and I feel guilty when I’m not staying busy. However, this bank holiday weekend was different. I stayed calm, and didn’t feel guilty about not staying busy. I played some games, ate some vegan takeaway, and read more of my book.

My wife also had a similar experience. She is often keeping herself busy with work and her side-hustle. However, her side-hustle has been quiet which has allowed her to give herself some much needed “me” time. I’m proud of her, and I’m glad she was able to take some time off without feeling guilty.

Bank holiday weekends are great for a little reset and “me” time. A double bank holiday can work absolute wonders for the mind, body and soul. We both needed this, and I hope everyone else enjoying this bank holiday feels similar.

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