Excited for the new Spider-Man movie



If you haven’t watched Avengers Infinity War and don’t know the ending, I suggest you look away now. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

The new Spider-Man trailer has hit us today, and I am excited. He is heading to Europe on this adventure and Mysterio is appearing. What strikes me and others, he is actually a good guy, or at least he will be early on. People are speculating whether this is before or after the latest Avengers movie, but I feel it’s after.

We know Spider-Man, Black Panther and Dr Strange, and The Guardians aren’t finished yet. Characters like Iron Man, Thor, The Cap, Black Widow and others are coming to the end, they’re becoming elderly and will need to stop at some point (no offence). They will be facing Thanos and bringing the other superheroes back from the brink. Some may die, while others will retire by the end.

The Spider-Man trailer gives nothing away, and we can only speculate what will happen. We don’t know what the bad guys are yet, although there’s speculation its Hydro-Man.

What we know for certain

We know that Spider-Man will be in Europe with his school friends, and we know Nick Fury will make an appearance. We also know that Mysterio is a good guy for a change (but will it be forever), and Spider-Man’s suit looks as awesome as ever.

However, one thing I am left wonder is, what will happen to Spidey’s suit after Iron Man goes? I guess Peter Parker will become a tech engineer and carry on Iron Man’s throne of having cool gadgets. Will he even need more upgrades after Iron Man leaves? Or maybe Iron Man retires, but still invents using his retirement funds.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, then I’ve place it below. I really hope you’re as excited as I am, and I cannot wait for Captain Marvel, Endgame and Spider-Man Far From Home.

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