Ghost version 3.0 will help shape the future of this blog

Ghost (the platform we use to create our posts) has created version 3.0. And with it, they have unleashed some incredible features. Readers can now signup as a member and read members-only content. We can also create premium content for paying members, similar to Patreon, but it’s on our site and Ghost don’t take any fees.

Which leads us onto where this will help shape our blog. We have been posting some small, but useful tutorials and I keep wanting to post bigger, more detailed articles. However, it would be great if some of the bigger, more detailed articles could be limited to our members, or paying members depending on the quality.

We will now be posting various courses that range from getting started with Laravel and creating an API, and then going into more detail with deploying to sites like Digital Ocean (use that link to get $25 credit) and creating a frontend which consumes the API we created and deployed. We will also be looking at various static hosting sites and learning more about which static site is best depending on your situation.

Stay tuned for more incredible content, tutorials and courses, and please feel free to sign up to stay updated.

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