Helping my wife pet sit

Some of you know my wife has her own pet sitting business. This year has been an incredible start for her, she has had many, many bookings. To a point where she’s now struggling to keep up. This is both a good thing and a bad thing because she has a full-time job, she’s trying to juggle her job and business together. She now has to turn business down and she feels bad for doing so. Another issue with pet sitting, you can’t charge too much at least not yet. Because if she did, she would then get fewer clients, it’s all about building a base, and then growing from there.

In the meantime, she has me to use if the need ever arises. That need will be next week. I have booked some mornings off work in order to help her with her business. I’m always more than happy to help and I only wish she asked me more often, but feel it can be best to leave her doing what she does best.

What businesses have you currently got on the go? Anything you struggle with or wish someone could help you with? Comment down below.

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