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How to make the perfect vegan coffee

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I have been drinking coffee for many years, and feel I have a level of experience to help others. Suppose you’re looking to become a vegan for Veganuary. Or you’re already a vegan who would like to make better-tasting coffee, then you have come to the right place.


Finding the right vegan milk

I’ve been a vegan for almost 2 years now, and have tried many kinds of vegan milk including; oat, soy, rice, coconut, hemp, and tiger nut. My absolute favourite has been oat milk, and my number one brand is Oatly. They have barista milk which goes frothy when shaken or stirred. It’s by far the best milk I’ve purchased, and they’re the best company I have purchased vegan milk from. Paired with your favourite beans, it will make for an amazing vegan coffee experience.

Getting the best frothy milk experience

For a while, my wife and I would shake the bottle to get a somewhat frothy top. However, it wasn’t a real barista experience, and the milk was less frothy on newer bottles. To combat this, we chose to buy a milk frother made by Lavazza, a renowned coffee brand. Since purchasing this device, our coffee experience has gone to the next level.

The frother can make both warm and cold frothy milk, or it can warm and not froth your milk. It’s a great product, and one I highly recommend, especially if you can’t afford a high-end coffee machine.

Finding the right utilities for your vegan coffee

I personally have a mix of bean coffee early in the morning, and pre-ground coffee during the later morning. I grind the beans using a bean to cup coffee machine. Personally, I use the Russell Hobbs bean to cup coffee machine, and I’ve had it for over 4 years now. It’s truly stood the test of time and works with both bean and pre-ground coffee. It also has a hot-plate to keep your coffee warm, and it will stay on for up to 30 minutes. If it turns off, and you still require warm coffee, you can set the grind to off, and press the big button. This will then turn the hot-plate back on, and you can have another round of warm coffee.

Using it for pre-ground coffee like a person of one can be a little too much. You have to clean the previous coffee out and deal with water levels, and the whole experience can be quite time-consuming. If you’re also a person of one and would like something more simple to use, then I would recommend the Aeropress by Aeropress.

If you have never purchased one, then I recommend you purchase the Aeropress kit. It comes with everything you need to get started, minus the coffee. It’s a great piece of kit, and you can easily travel with it and take it wherever you go. They have also made a travel version which comes with a coffee cup, and everything fits nicely together inside the travel cup.

Finding the right coffee

It’s probably a surprise to no one but all coffee is vegan. There are so many choices when it comes to finding the right coffee. Do you want beans or pre-ground? There are light, medium and even dark roast, and all of them have their qualities. I like a mix of different types depending on my mood. However, some people may not like dark roast as it can be quite bitter. Others might not like light roast because the flavour doesn’t come out as much, and it feels too smooth.

Personally, I buy my beans from Amazon in 1kg bags, and try to mix and match depending on how I feel at the time. They’re pretty inexpensive and more cost effective than smaller bags and will last for a good amount of time. For pre-ground coffee, I purchase them in my local stores and mix them up when I can. I’m the kind of person who likes all types of roasts which means the choice is huge for me.

If you would like any recommendations based on your personal tastes then please feel free to comment below. I will make sure I reply with my recommendations, and maybe someone else can help with their own experiences too.

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