How to motivate yourself to lose weight or become more healthy when working 9-5 in an office

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We are now into the new year (Happy New Year everyone). Usually at this time, everyone is looking to either lose weight. Or become more healthy or even a combination of the two. As a Web Developer who has been in the field for just shy of 4 years. I think I have found a good way to keep myself motivated to becoming fit and healthy and would like to share it with you in the hopes you too can become more healthy.

Within this industry, it’s very hard to want to do anything before or after working hours. And I also felt this way for a very long time. About a year ago, I started dieting with my fiance to partially support her for her weight loss. But also because I felt like I too was overweight.


Where we started

We started with the Dukan Diet which consisted of eating just meat on the first week, then eating meat with none-starchy vegetables every other day. When you are at your weight target, you can start to introduce dairy and bread back into your diet and have one cheat meal a week.

My fiance did for a year, and I did it for around 6 8 months and it worked really well. You could clearly see each step in the process and when you weight yourself, you would notice a difference within the first month. They also require you to walk just 20 minutes a day which is completely achievable even when working a 9-5 job.

Within that time, I managed to go from 16 stone down to 12 stone and was super happy with the results. I then started to introduce everything back in to my diet and had 1 cheat meal a week near and it was working fantasticly.

I then took a trip down to my local vets which is in a business industrial site and directly opposite the vets was a place called Newton Abbot Crossfit. The music was blearing out and the people inside looked hot and sweaty, like it was a proper challenging workout. It got me really interested and I wanted to find out more about it.

Learning about CrossFit

Off I went, I turned my PC on and visited their website where it told me all about Crossfit. I had 0 knowledge of the sport, but it looked challenging and that’s what caught my attention. Although, I think us devs/programmers love a good challenge, no matter what it is.

Then I signed myself up and paid for the fundamentals course. This teaches you how to use the equipment properly and taught my coach what my fitness level was like (hint: not good at all). After that day, I really enjoyed what I did and when in for my first free month. I would go 2 – 3 days a week and each session was always different. All the workouts are scalable so what you saw on the board wasn’t what you had to do. He would always try to make it fit your level which is what every fitness coach should do.

I am now coming up to my second year of Crossfit and I probably love it even more than I did on my first day.

Find something you enjoy

After all is said and done, you should find something which you think will be challenging and enjoyable at the same time. For me it was Crossfit, for you it could be HIITS, weight lifting, football or anything along those lines.

What you need to do is try a taster session of something you think you would enoy and then keep on doing it. What I really like about Crossfit is the fact that I can go in and know what my workout was. Whereas if I just went into the gym, I would be completely lost on what to do and even now I would be the same.

Which means don’t just sign up to a gym and expect results, because you need a plan or to find something you will enjoy. Make that plan and stick with it or find that thing you enjoy and stick with it. Even if you walk past some random place which looks mildly interesting, if you walk in a find out more then give it a go, you’re already doing you’re goal.

I know this is more of just a general overview, but I will be posting more about this, making videos on Youtube and posting pictures and videos to my instagram.

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