Last major website refresh


Yet another site move…

I have updated my website again and moved it from OctoberCMS to WordPress. The process was fairly easy and I am glad to have finally made the move. WordPress is a great blogging platform and although it gets a lot of bad rep, it is a great platform to be on. WordPress is hosted on over 80% of the internet and it’s completely open source which means you simply can not go wrong with using it.

I am still hosted by Digital Ocean as it’s simple and cheap. Digital Ocean has also upgraded their “droplets” and doubled them. You can now get double the resources for half the price if you wished. Or you could stay on the same bill and get double the resources, it’s up to you.

A vast array of plugins…

WordPress contains so many plugins. It’s a curse and a blessing at the same time. You can easily grab some of the best plugins such as YOAST, Jetpack etc… At the same time, you can find bad plugins that are no longer maintained, or have can open your website to being hacked. You need to be vigilant and always stay on guard. That’s not to so other CMS systems aren’t vulnerable, of course, they are. Except, with the popularity of WordPress, there can be many not so experienced devs creating plugins.

Of course, I have gone off on a tangent… Right now, I am loving what WordPress offers me and I wish I wasn’t so reluctant to use it. I was young and naive and always wanted the latest and greatest. The problem is, the latest and greatest never has the community and support of something that has grown and lived for a long time.

Moving to podcasting

I have wanted to this for so long but never found a good enough platform. A lot of platforms out there really restrict you unless you pay. It’s a shame because I just want something like YouTube but in podcast form. The best platform for me right now is SoundCloud which is a fantastic platform, but it just means I can’t get my podcasts over to Spotify or iTunes. If the podcast ever grows to more than just a hobby aspect, then I will most certainly move over to something like PodBean.

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