Lil Mamas Vegan Kitchen

Lil Mamas Vegan Kitchen Review

Lil Mamas vegan kitchen is an amazing vegan takeaway. They really know how to cook their food, and although they are often late, the food is definitely worth the wait.


Truly authentic Caribbean vegan food

The food is absolutely fabulous, from their mac and cheese pizza to their moving mountains burgers. Each one is unique and tastes amazing.

My wife and I have been ordering from them for almost a year. Their estimated times have improved, but they are still late. However, you can’t rush perfection, which their food is. Everything is freshly cooked and always mouth-wateringly delicious!

We order from them again and again, and their family-run business is amazing. Dirty and filthy fries are a must-have alongside their mac & cheese. Usually, we pair both of them with some pizza, wraps or burgers. All of the dishes are superb, and I recommend people try each one of them out!

Lil Mamas Vegan Kitchen is the best vegan takeaway in Torbay!

Honestly, they are one of the best vegan takeaways we have ever tried. I know they are very far and few between at the minute, but they are definitely onto a winner! If you’re in or around the Torbay area, check out their menu. I’m certain you will not be disappointed!

Lil Mamas Vegan Kitchen

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