Looking to 2019 and my personal goals


Looking back this year

2018 has been massive for my wife and I. I helped her start her business Brooks Pet Sitters, and although it’s been tough, she’s loved every second. Our goal was to have 20 clients this year, and we now have 45. Some have been incredibly supportive, while others not so much. We learnt how to pick our clients and separate the good from the bad.

Tiff left a company to work on it full-time as business was going well. We then had a few months of quiet which meant Tiff had to go back to work. She’s now working full-time and using petsitting as a side project until we gain more clients. This is fantastic news as she was going to pack it all in, but she loves and already has bookings for next year.

As for me, my training has been more consistent throughout the year, and I’ve taken part in more competitions. I’ve raised money for cancer with Battle Cancer and invested money in Plum, me@mybest and Your Sommelier.

Goals for next year

To keep myself accountable for next year, my goals are as follows…

  • Clear my £10k credit card debt
  • Go abroad for the first time ever
  • Raise more money for cancer and mental health
  • Stop being last in Crossfit competitions
  • Be happier and have 0 panic attacks
  • Help create an incredible business for my wife
  • Save for a house
  • Post more on my blog

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