Moltin API

I want to introduce you guys to an awesome e-commerce API called Moltin. It takes out so much hard work when it comes to creating an e-commerce platform and I have been working with the API to try and create an open source Laravel e-commerce platform which utilises the Moltin API as the core part of the app.

I won’t go into details of my app just yet as it isn’t released yet, but I just wanted my readers to get excited about the potential of using Moltin as their e-commerce backbone.

Because the API is in JSON format, you can use it in any programming language which includes; PHP, Javascript, C and many others. They even have a nice tutorial on creating an iPhone app and utilising Apple pay within the app.

I think you guys would love it and think you should check it out. It also gives you a really good insight as to what I have in store for you guys.

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