Murph is quite possibly my favourite CrossFit Workout

And here’s why…

It’s not only to remind us of the great Michael Murphy who served for the US Navy. It’s also to remind us of friends and family who have served for our country (where ever you may be). Also, it’s to remind us of all our doctors, nurses, firefighters and police officers. Also, it’s to remind us to be kind and help each other through tough times (e.g. this workout).

This is the one workout where everyone wants to go and work through one of the toughest created workouts ever. It’s a physical battle, but it’s also a mental one as well. Even if you’re overall a fit person, you may struggle to focus your mind and push yourself through. Once you get over that mental brick wall, you will push yourself further and enjoy the end result.

It’s the one workout where everyone really enjoys pushing each other through. See a fellow CrossFitter struggling through? Then simply encourage them and help push them further.

I thought I was going to throw up due to the heat, but I knew I wanted to get it done. It wasn’t my best time. In fact it was ~10 minutes slower than previous. However, I progressed my push-ups from jumping to banded kipping which felt amazing for me.

It’s also one of those workouts where you can do it time and time again, and you will always see clear improvements. When I started, I would get up to the second mile run, but I would never be able to finish it. I gradually went from 400m to 800m then being able to complete both runs and now I’m progressing my pull-ups and push-ups.

I look forward to the day I can RX and wear that weighted vest and look boss AF. What is your favourite part about Murph? What do you really look forward to? Sound off in the comments.

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