My Protein – Impact Whey Protein Review

Impact Whey Protein Ingredients

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I use MyProtein all the time for my protein powders because I feel they can’t be beaten on price or on quality. They have a whole range of flavours and I tend to mix and max between chocolate, strawberry and vanilla variants. They have so many flavours to choose from that makes you want to try them all!

Strawberries and Cream, and Chocolate Brownie are definitely my personal favourites thus far. I would love to collect them all just to see if they can be topped. (I believe it’s going to be hard, but could be possible). If you’re wondering where to get your powders from, then you can’t beat MyProtein. The costs are really low for a protein company and their quality is 5 star quality in my eyes.

Impact Whey is also fantastic for building muscle, but still keep lean. I have managed to maintain my 12st 8lbs throughout, but my muscle has grown and I have managed to keep lean at the same time. My fat has burnt down really well (currently around 13% body fat). Impact Whey just can’t be beaten at all. I have tried the diet proteins and although they keep fat percentage down, unfortunately my muscle hadn’t budged much at all.

Other proteins would build on fat as well as muscle which is something I don’t want to do (fair enough you do, but my target is to keep fat down and strength up!).

Feel free to give this company a go and get 25% off your order by clicking this referral link here! I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. They also do so much more than just protein powders (which I will be trying in the future).

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