New Year, New Blog, New something?

I am really stoked to show you guys my brand new Blog built with [October CMS]( For my hosting, I have used [Digital Ocean]( (click the link for $10 free). Digital Ocean is a fantastic hosting company which I just love to use as they give you complete control over your VPS, and they even give you One-click apps to help you get started.

The technology I am using to drive my Blog is [Docker](, [NGINX](, [PHP 7]( and [Maria DB]( I don’t believe I have containerized each of my instances as much as I could have, but it’s been great to use [Docker]( in a real world situation.

The tutorials for Docker are really good, but because it’s such a vast topic, you don’t really know what’s going on unless you just bite the bullet and build your next website using it.

I will release a tutorial on how I got my website up and running next week and hopefully it will help others in getting started.

As for the future of this Blog, I would like to start attaching podcasts to each Blog post I create (I may even go back to previous posts and attach a podcast to them). I would also like to let you guys see my Twitch stream within my website as I do like to stream my games (possibly dev work) from time to time.

If you would like to hear more from me, then please feel free to follow me on [Twitter](, [Twitch]( or you can even subscribe using the form below and entering your email address. I use Mailchimp for emails and I promise you I won’t spam.

Sidenote: I know Discuss isn’t on my posts currently, but this will be put back in when I have some time available.

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