Plans for the new year

I never do the “New year, New me” bullshit, I have always believed that the end of the year is a time to reflect what we have done over the past few years and what we can improve upon for the new year to come.


A little look into my past

Let’s start with looking back at what happened to me. I have gone through two workplaces, my first workplace was struggling with money and had to let some people go, me being one of them (Sound familiar?). The other company had to let me go due to me not being able to pick things up quick enough.

All in all, I am now way more positive about this than I have ever been and I’m proud of myself with the fact I can now handle these situations in a much more positive light. Both companies have been fantastic to work with and I wouldn’t change my choices for the world.

A little peak into my future

Now coming into 2017, I will be starting a new position on January the 3rd and it won’t be PHP or backend based. I will be a frontend React developer which will be completely new, but also very exciting. The company isn’t an agency and offers a great product which I believe will be incredible to work on.

I’m now creating a business plan so I can create my very own online store which will be selling technology and gadgets. I tried to start this before, but I didn’t go into it 100% and I made so many mistakes. I believe that now I am older and much wiser, I will go into it with everything I have and actually make an incredible career out of it.

There are many more plans for next year which I will be sharing as it gets closer, so please keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to my Blog’s RSS feed. Any comments are also appreciated and I really hope you guys have had an amazing Christmas and have a very happy new year.

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