Restarting my Podcast

You probably don’t know I had a podcast because I never posted it on my blog. However, I was podcasting late last year, and took a break. I have now restarted the podcast series, and I have already release a handful of episodes. If you would like to give it a listen, you can click on the first episode above, or take a look at my Anchor page. Anchor posts on every major podcasting website which means you’ll be able to enjoy my voice wherever you go.

The podcast isn’t based on any particular subject, it’s just me ranting for five to ten minutes each episode but I hope people find it useful in some way. I see it as another platform where I can express myself and if you want to join me on that journey, you’re more than welcome.

Finally, you can leave your own voice messages on my Anchor page and I can put them on an episode. You can ask me a question, give feedback, whatever you fancy and if its not harmful then I will include it.

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