Saying goodbye to January and Hello to February 2019

Today is our final day in January for 2019, and I have to say, it’s been an okay start to the year. I’ve made more connections on the internet. Removed Facebook from my phone, posted to my blog every day, and even turned vegan. I felt positive about money, only for that to crash and have anxiety over money. It was okay though, because this eventually went away, and now I’m positive again.

What’s in store for February?

We already have snow tonight, which might continue on for tomorrow. That to me is a good start to the month because I love snow. I just want enough to build a snowman. ?

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I’m going to see POD and Alien Ant Farm with my wife and sister-in-law next month. This will be our first live concert for the year, and I’m really excited. I’ll try to film lots and take lots of pictures for all of you, while still trying to enjoy the moment.

This month, I’ve blogged every single day, and I want to keep this momentum going because I feel it’s working. It’s working for me, my friends and family and my growing audience. Hopefully, I can grow my reader base and followers, plus comments and likes. However, at current, I am literally sitting down every evening and writing for the day. I have to come up with my content on the spot, and I don’t think this is sustainable long-term. I will need to sit down and write some posts for the future so I can have off days.

What are your plans for next month? Have you got anything you’re really excited about? Let me know in the comments below. ⬇️

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