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  • My blog has reached over 100,000 views and I’m excited

    My blog has reached over 100,000 views and I’m excited

    Listen to the podcast episode Yesterday, I found out my blog has reached over 100,000 views, I’m over the moon. This milestone has taken 11 years, but that’s 11 years of on/off posting. To some, this may seem like a small achievement. However, to me, it’s a huge milestone and one I will cherish forever. […]

  • Blogging as a social network

    Blogging as a social network

    Ever thought about creating your own social network or escaping the usual suspects? You can build your own with zero knowledge.

  • Coil Blogging Review

    Coil Blogging Review

    Coil is looking to standardise web monetisation. Think Medium, but for every website, including yours. How does that work? You may ask. First, you sign up and use a crypto wallet such as Uphold, and then they give you a little tag that you can place on your website. You can also connect to platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. This means you can monetise third-party platforms without meeting the platform’s “standards”.

  • The 100 + 20 rule

    The 100 + 20 rule

    Every professional content creator faces a dilemma. On the one hand, you’d love to make your content as widely available as possible in order to grow your audience. On the other hand, you need to make money to pay the bills, so it’s unavoidable to add some friction in the form of paywalls, ads, and exclusive content for supporters. But those speed bumps inevitably turn away some potential followers. Content behind a paywall is less shareable, less searchable, and even users who would be happy to support you may be turned away by the hassle of signing up.

  • Redesigning my website

    Redesigning my website

    My initial thoughts Over the past week, I migrated my website from VuePress to Gridsome. This migration has now given me more freedom of design and development. Inspired by Jack McDade’s awesome website and I wanted to create something that was more personable to me. Also, I like funky designs, but I’m always less motivated to design […]

  • Gaining confidence to start a blog

    Gaining confidence to start a blog

    I had this discussion on my Twitter to which I said… To anyone that doesn’t have a blog. What’s holding you back from creating one?