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Coil Blogging Review

A new way to enjoy content

Experience web monetized content in your browser while supporting sites you love in real time.


Coil is looking to standardise web monetisation. Think Medium, but for every website, including yours. How does that work? You may ask. First, you sign up and use a crypto wallet such as Uphold, and then they give you a little tag that you can place on your website. You can also connect to platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. This means you can monetise third-party platforms without meeting the platform’s “standards”.

Once you connect your platform, you can create content like before. Then when someone who has Coil installed views your content, they will donate some money to you based on their attention. You can also create content on the Coil platform, and connect with other creators on there too. This is great, because it gives you a huge amount of freedom, and you’re not tied down to a single location.

I have been using the platform for a few months, and the creators on there have been supportive. A few posts of mine have been featured too, which I was surprised to see. Recently, I also decided to subscribe for $5 a month. This means, when I view content supported by Coil, I will be donating some of my money to that content in return for my attention. It works similarly to Medium but works on various platforms. It’s such a freeing and fantastic experience.

If you’re looking to create content, and you’d like to be supported by other creators, then I would highly recommend Coil. There are other third-party platforms which support Coil including; Cinnamon, Dev.to, Imgur, Hackernoon, Hashnode and many more.


How much money do you make?

The money can vary depending on how many Coil subscribers read your content. On average, I receive 5 – 10 pennies per reader and have received 66 pennies in total. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but I haven’t been using it for long, and the tech is very early. As more people subscribe and read your content, the more money you will receive.

Should you join Coil?

Personally, I think you should 100% join Coil. The community is super supportive, and there’s a variety of content creators on there and the more, the merrier. You can’t lose on such a platform, and you could potentially meet new, like-minded creators.

There are bloggers, videographers, musicians and many more different types of creators on the platform. You could learn a thing or two, and potentially earn extra income doing something you truly enjoy.

If you join, please comment your profile URL, and I will follow and support your content. Sign up to Coil today!

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