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It’s not a lot, 300 blog posts over 12 years is 15 posts per year

This is my 300th blog post, which to many people, it won’t be a lot. Especially over the period of 12 years, that’s around 15 blog posts a year. Which is nothing really.

However, it has been a journey, and I’ve stuck to keeping a personal blog. Which, unfortunately, many people stop for whatever reasons they may have. It’s certainly not easy to keep up with a blog, and it’s harder to keep it live.

There can be costs involved, both physically, and mentally. It costs money for a domain name, hosting and other services you may need. Then, there’s the mental part of it. You might have anxiety, depression or writers block.

All of these things can build up. But I have come out on top of all that, and I’ve kept pushing through.

Here’s to the 300 I have written, and the next 300 I will write. I hope it won’t take another 12 years for another 300 posts. In fact, I’m hoping to write daily and have another 300 blog posts in the bag by next year.

Here’s to you

Here’s to you for starting a blog, sharing blog posts and pushing yourself to write more posts for your blog. You’re awesome and I hope you stick with it!

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    Congratulations, that’s awesome.

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