Celebrating my 30th Birthday at Alton Towers

My 30th was pretty fun. On Thursday, we had a takeaway and a huge cake. On Friday, we travelled up to Alton Towers.

We went on most of the rides (The Smiler, Rita, Nemesis, Oblivion, The Wicker Man, and Galactica). The Smiler was by far the most thrilling ride, while The Wicker Man was the best decorated. Tiff and I both love the speed of Rita and the race car theme that came with it. We also love how Galactica puts you in a very different position than any other ride. Once you’re strapped in, it will tilt the seats, which makes you face the floor. Once going, it feels like you’re flying, and I had my hands up the whole time pretending I was Super Man. 😂

Alton Towers is way bigger than I expected, and I really wish I got more photos of the surrounding environment. There were gardens, castles, waterfalls and so much more. If you don’t fancy thrill rides, then you can go and explore a lot more.

Staying at Alton Towers for the night

I didn’t know this, but you can stay at Alton Towers, and they have different buildings such as their hotels, cabins and outdoor pods. We stayed in their wooden log cabin, and we made friends with the local ducks and crows.

Tiff also purchased the birthday gift set, and there was a bear, happy birthday balloon and cake.

We had dinner, stayed overnight and had breakfast before heading off to visit my mum. Due to Covid, we haven’t seen each other in over a year, and I thought we would surprise her, but it turns out she surprised me instead.

She also had a few pressies to give, lots of food and even more cake. Also, because we didn’t see each other over the Christmas period, we unwrapped some Chrismast presents, which was a very odd experience.

After spending some time at my mum’s house, we had to head back home. Everyone was upset that we had to depart so soon, but we know it won’t be long until we can see each other again. It was a long weekend, especially for my wife, but she’s a hero as always. She does so much for me, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Making it to 200 blog posts and my 11-year anniversary

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My blog has moved around many different platforms, hosting providers and has gone through many iterations. Some days I want to post every single day and have so much motivation. Other days, I don’t know what to write about or lack any motivation.

It’s certainly been a long and arduous 11 years for my blog, but I feel more positive. I’m feeling like it’s finally moving in a proper direction, and I have more clarity.

For a while, I wanted to create a niche and target specific topics, but that isn’t me. I love so many things, and I can’t stick to just one topic. If you’re a long time reader, then you’ve probably seen this too. I have posted product reviews, WordPress, music, web development, and so much more.

For some, this can be seen as a bad thing because it makes it harder to retain readers. However, it’s the only way I can write, and I don’t want to limit myself. My readers get the 100% genuine version of me. If you read any of my posts, you’re reading a part of my life, and I enjoy that about my posts.

I’m not some kind of writing robot 🤖 I’m a human bean! Eleven years of writing and 200 blog posts have taught me a lot. It has taught me that I need to focus more and stop flip-flopping around.

I’ve always been a flip-flopper, but it’s time to stop that. I’m sticking with WordPress, and I’m sticking to writing my own way! I’ve said it in a blog post How to start blogging? Start with a platform you enjoy. And it really resonates with many of my readers and me.

So, eleven years have passed. Here’s to another eleven years of blogging. And I promise I will be a lot more consistent from now on. Here’s to getting to 400 posts way before my twenty-two-year celebration. 🥂