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Personal Challenge: 100 Posts in 100 Days

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I watched Noah Kagan’s “The law of 100”, aka “How to stick to your goals and routines. It got me thinking that I should give myself a personal challenge. Create 100 blog posts in 100 days consecutively.

I have already created three blog posts in a row (this will be the fourth), so I’m off to a good start before I’ve fully started my challenge. However, I will start it from this post, so I should have a 103 streak on WordPress. (For those that don’t know, WordPress give you streaks and achievements to keep you motivated).

I did something similar a few years ago where I tried to create a post every day of the year. Unfortunately, after around three months, things happened, and I stopped my stream of posts. I believe this time will be different since 100 posts are definitely more achievable. Also, it means that I will be pushing the total amount of posts to over 300, which is apparently a milestone to reach. I read it on a WordPress ebook that says websites with over 300 blog posts are somewhat favoured in the algorithms. I have no idea how true this is since no one knows how search engines truly work.

If you want to join in, then please feel to post away. It has to be at least 1 post a day, and you need to make it to 100 days. Let’s go!

Challenging myself continued…

In November, I created a post on challenging myself and connecting with other bloggers (read here). Firstly, my mission was to start conversations with other blogs (or bloggers) that aren’t on Medium (read why). I feel like the challenge is going well, and I’ve started to create stronger relationships with fellow bloggers. My friend Eric L Barnes shared his RSS list which gave me a good head start.

As a result, I’ve now become way more social on Twitter (which is an incredible social tool), and it’s really boosted me in ways I could never imagine and connected me to tons of bloggers.

What’s next for me?

I posted on my Twitter how last year I wanted to do some public speaking, and how I would do it next year. However, I now I think I’ll do it this year instead. Life is too short and the year has only just started, why think about next year when it can be done this year? It’s time to start looking at conferences and talk. It will be about mental health, more specifically performance anxiety, and imposter syndrome. Hopefully, I can teach companies and employees empathy towards mental health as I feel it’s very lacking.

Of course, my original challenge is still ongoing. All of this is an ongoing journey that’s building on previous challenges. In that respect, please comment below some of your favourite bloggers who you feel I should follow. It can be their website or their Twitter page… Or even both!

P.s. thank you to this motivational tweet!

Dude, last year you did not make the time… Next year is too late… You have an awesome idea, start now, act now and achieve your dream now… I promise it will be the best thing ever. Best of luck!</p>— Sean_RGCI (@Sean_RGCI) <a href=””>January 17, 2019</a>

Challenging myself

Something I would like to try out for this month is post less on social media (excluding Instagram) and post more on WordPress. I rarely spend time posting to social anyway, but it could be interesting. Even if it’s just comments on other people’s blogs.

This will help me gain a larger blogging circle which I feel I am missing at current. I always want to encourage new readers to like and comment on my own posts, and I feel I should return the favour. If you can recommend anyone to follow, then please let me know.

This doesn’t include Medium, because I feel there’s too much “Premium” content now. It’s frustrating, because you can no longer invoke a conversation. The only thing you can do is applaud. This takes away from the whole “conversation” of blogging. (I’ll post more on this later).

If you would like me to follow you, then please comment below. Alternatively, if you know of interesting bloggers, then please share away. The more of a community we can create, the better.