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Personal Challenge: 100 Posts in 100 Days

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I watched Noah Kagan’s “The law of 100”, aka “How to stick to your goals and routines. It got me thinking that I should give myself a personal challenge. Create 100 blog posts in 100 days consecutively.

I have already created three blog posts in a row (this will be the fourth), so I’m off to a good start before I’ve fully started my challenge. However, I will start it from this post, so I should have a 103 streak on WordPress. (For those that don’t know, WordPress give you streaks and achievements to keep you motivated).

I did something similar a few years ago where I tried to create a post every day of the year. Unfortunately, after around three months, things happened, and I stopped my stream of posts. I believe this time will be different since 100 posts are definitely more achievable. Also, it means that I will be pushing the total amount of posts to over 300, which is apparently a milestone to reach. I read it on a WordPress ebook that says websites with over 300 blog posts are somewhat favoured in the algorithms. I have no idea how true this is since no one knows how search engines truly work.

If you want to join in, then please feel to post away. It has to be at least 1 post a day, and you need to make it to 100 days. Let’s go!

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