Challenging myself

Something I would like to try out for this month is post less on social media (excluding Instagram) and post more on WordPress. I rarely spend time posting to social anyway, but it could be interesting. Even if it’s just comments on other people’s blogs.

This will help me gain a larger blogging circle which I feel I am missing at current. I always want to encourage new readers to like and comment on my own posts, and I feel I should return the favour. If you can recommend anyone to follow, then please let me know.

This doesn’t include Medium, because I feel there’s too much “Premium” content now. It’s frustrating, because you can no longer invoke a conversation. The only thing you can do is applaud. This takes away from the whole “conversation” of blogging. (I’ll post more on this later).

If you would like me to follow you, then please comment below. Alternatively, if you know of interesting bloggers, then please share away. The more of a community we can create, the better.

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