Why You Should Have a Post-COVID Wishlist


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I read the blog post below, and it got me thinking. What is my post-COVID wishlist? I was supposed to be travelling to Corfu for my 30th birthday, but that got cancelled today. It would have been my first time abroad, too. (I know, I’m very sheltered).

I guess that would be a good one to start with. Post-COVID, I would like to travel to Corfu. There are also many other things I would like to do, including but most definitely not limited to…

  • See my mum
  • Talk to a stranger
  • Smile at strangers (I love smiling at people)
  • Hug a stranger
  • Go to a restaurant
  • Get drunk in a pub and/or nightclub (I don’t normally go on a night out, but I am ready for one).
  • Watch a movie at the cinema, and I’d love to go and see Mortal Kombat when it’s released.
  • Go to a live gig. Hopefully, I will be able to see Guns and Roses if they don’t postpone. However, My Chemical Romance has apparently postponed until next year. I also have a comedy gig lined up that’s performed outside, so we should be good for that.

There are probably many more things that I’m dying to do, but this list is the things that spring to mind.

What would you love to do post-COVID? Is there anything you are aching to get back to? Let me know in the comments, and also check out the blog this post was inspired by.

As we approach a year of our lives being turned upsidedown by the pandemic, it’s easy to become saddened by all of the things we have missed out on …

Why You Should Have a Post-COVID Wishlist

We’re now into our third lockdown in the UK


This time, it isn’t going well for me. For my first week, I did two CrossFit workouts and then lost all motivation to carry on. I enjoy the company with my CrossFit buddies, but home workouts aren’t the same. I can’t seem to wake up in time for my morning workout, and I really don’t want to workout in the afternoon or evening.

Instead, I have turned to gaming which has had its benefits but at the same time does have it’s negatives. It keeps any anxieties at bay, and I have less worry when playing games. On the other hand, I completely forget to look after myself. We are now into the third week of our six-week lockdown, and I’ve barely walked out the door, I haven’t been blogging much because I don’t know what to write about, and I haven’t worked out or stretched.

I’ve taken to doing some meditation which has helped me focus during my working hours. However, it still hasn’t helped me increase my motivation or confidence. Hopefully, if I keep up with the habit, I will see further improvement in other areas.

Constantly drained and in need of change

I’m constantly drained and want some change from this “new norm”. I respect the fact we’re all in this together, and we’re doing it to save our NHS and save those who are suffering more, but there are so many people not doing what they’re asked to, and it’s ruining things for the rest of us.

Hopefully, the government can speed up the vaccine process, and the fact we have varying vaccines is definitely positive. I have been less social online, and it’s because I’m conserving precious energy. That may sound weird to a lot of people, but it’s how I’m currently coping.

Anyway, apologies for being a negative Nancy. I just wanted to voice my words and create a new blog post. If you’re new here, then I can assure you it’s not always like this. I have some posts that will be full of good news, and I’m hopeful they will inspire you.

How are you holding up? I hope you are all well and staying positive.

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Can anyone believe 2020 has nearly finished?


Honestly, I can’t. This year has been absolutely insane, and not just for me, but for everyone. We’ve all gone through a pandemic, lockdowns and plenty of protests and riots.

Remote work at it’s worst

From March I have been working from home and I’ve not stepped into the office since. It’s been nice not having to travel or stuck in traffic. However, at times, it has been frustrating. There are times when work would have benefitted from a few more eyes. There are also times where I would love to socialise with others. My wife has still been going into the office as her workplace requires her there. So here I am. Working alone. With my three cats to keep me company.

Protesting and rioting

Then there’s the protests and riots while going through a pandemic. So many countries are rightfully angry at their governments and leaders because they feel they aren’t being treated right. Black men and women have felt let down and betrayed by the very people who are supposed to protect them.

America’s current president

Donald Trump has lost the vote but refuses to leave his post. He acts like a baby when he loses. I think a lot of people will rejoice and cheer the day he moves out of the White House and Biden finally moves in.

Our mental health struggles

Mental health has also been a struggle for many including myself. I’ve had times where I thought the pandemic wasn’t affecting me, and I was moving forward in full force. However, this quickly fell flat, and although I did make some great progress, I also went through many days of doubt and anxiety.

Looking forward to 2021

Hopefully, the holidays and having days of celebration will help us all stay positive. I’m looking forward to tomorrow as it’s the first of December, and the first day I can open my coffee advent calendar.

I hope that anyone reading this finds joy in December, and has many things to look forward to next year. I for one hope we can go back to live gigs and really appreciate live arts once again.

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