From today, UK lockdown is easing


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In the UK, we can now meet up to five other people, which is a good start. I personally don’t have five-plus friends nearby, so I’m not worried about breaking the law. 😂

However, it does mean the start of lockdown easing, and it’s one step closer to gyms finally opening up. I can’t wait to step back into my CrossFit gym and get back to being fit and healthy. It also means I get to socialise with similar people.

Hopefully, things won’t get to a point where we have to go back into another lockdown, and we can eventually see family members in their homes. I’m dying to see my mum, and she is heading straight down as soon as she can. Fingers crossed, they can keep things flowing at a steady pace, and we can get most of the country vaccinated more quickly.

What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts on the government easing lockdown? Do you think it’s too soon? Too quick? Or not quick enough?

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