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  • 3 years at CrossFit

    3 years at CrossFit

    A memory popped up on Facebook today and it’s reminded me why I joined Crossfit. I initially joined because I was unhappy with my weight. I got to 16st (~101kg) and I was feeling slightly unhappy with my weight gain. It’s not a huge amount of weight compared to other’s, but it was my heaviest weight. Also, posture was a biggie for me, I have Anterior Pelvic Tilt (or APT) and I walked with a bounce.

  • 🏃‍♂️ 23-mile hike for Macmillan Cancer 💨

    On the 15th of June, I will be taking part in a 23-mile hike for Macmillan Cancer with a few colleagues from work, and I am super excited to be taking part in this. We will all be training together, but I’m not too worried. I’ve been doing CrossFit for over 3 years and feel I have it in the bag. 💪

  • I went to Total Ninja (Manchester)

    My nephew, wife and I went up to Oldham last weekend to visit my mum. While we were up there, my wife decided to book an hour of Total Ninja in Manchester which was booked online.

  • I have donated £175 to Macmillan Cancer Research

    A few weeks ago, I took part in a Crossfit event called Battle Cancer. This event was in aid of Macmillan Cancer Research, and it was a spectacular event.

  • I Competed at Battle Cancer

    On Saturday the 20th of October, I competed at Battle Cancer alongside 3 of my CrossFit friends; Pete, Phil and Matt. The event had somewhere around 1,000 people attending to watch a range of CrossFit teams compete with one another.

  • I managed 14 unbroken Double-Unders

    I know this isn’t a massive achievement, but I have a goal to get to 50 unbroken DUs by the end of the year. The other week, I managed to get 14 unbroken which is the most I have done so far. I’ll keep you updated with my progress, but for now you can check the video below and follow me for more Crossfit updates.

  • Wodemocracy 💪 Crossfit 💪 Indie site

    Advertisements Wodemocracy is a website I have created that I hope can bring a bit more fun and community for all CrossFitters. You can submit a workout of your choice and others can vote on that workout. If yours is the most voted, then it will become the workout of the day, the very next […]

  • Murph is quite possibly my favourite CrossFit Workout

    It’s not only to remind us of the great Michael Murphy who served for the US Navy, but it’s also to remind us of friends and family who have served for our country (where ever you may be), it’s to remind us of all our doctors, nurses, firefighters and police officers. It’s also to remind us to be kind and help each other through tough times (e.g. this workout).

  • I did a tandem skydive at 15,000ft

    Last Saturday, I took a tandem skydive thanks to my lovely wife who bought it for my birthday present. I have to say, I wasn’t nervous at all, calm as a cucumber in fact. I always try to never over think any situation and say to myself… It’s been done a million times before, they are experts and I’m going to be fine.

  • Crossfit Home Workout

    Advertisements This is a bit of a late post. And one I had on my mind after completing my home crossfit workout on Monday. Monday was a bank holiday. And for some reason, my Crossfit box closes on bank holidays. Which means most of us are lost and wonder what to do with ourselves. If […]

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