Michael Brooks throwing a square sponge toward the camera at the Ninja Warrior obstacle course

I went to Total Ninja (Manchester)

My nephew, wife and I went up to Oldham last weekend to visit my mum. While we were up there, my wife decided to book an hour of Total Ninja in Manchester which was booked online.

When we arrived, we were told we booked in for aged 4+. We were then given the option to upgrade for an extra £2.50 which we did.

The overall experience was amazing. I loved go from one section to another and it gradually getting harder. There were simple jumping platforms, the infamous wall and so much more for you to enjoy. If I failed something, I would go back to the start and try again until giving up and moving on.

Overall, the experience was fantastic and I would love to go again. If you’re into Crossfit or obstacle courses, then I would 100% recommend giving this a go. Maybe one day I’ll even be on the Ninja Warrior UK TV channel. 😏

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