Last major website refresh

I have updated my website again and moved it from OctoberCMS to WordPress. The process was fairly easy and I am glad to have finally made the move. WordPress is a great blogging platform and although it gets a lot of bad rep, it is a great platform to be on. WordPress is hosted on over 80% of the internet and it's completely open source which means you simply can not go wrong with using it.

New Blog Design

It's been a while since I've post and for that, I do appologise. My head has been loaded with ideas and new projects that I absolutely would love to get started on, but I tend to try and start 100 all at once and then get too agitated because none of them are working for me or just get pushed away.

Website Update

As you can see, it has been a while since my last post, but I have been busy trying to push updates over to my website to help strengthen the relationships between you and me.

Brand New Website, Brand New Exciting Start

Of becoming a Web Master. It's been a while since I properly posted on my Blog. And so I wondered the best way to go about this. As I went back to my old site and old Blog. I looked at it and I couldn't help but think that the way of making templates on Blogger was a bit too tedious and slap-dashed and was in need of a new website.