Watching Aquaman with my wife

This blog post is uber late today due to a late-night showing of Aquaman. We were going to watch Glass but instead voted on Aquaman due to availability and other priorities. Overall, we were very impressed with the movie. Without going into too much detail and creating potential spoilers for those who have yet to see it.

The movie was visually stunning, the underwater scenes were truly breathtaking and I believe the overall plot was really good too. It was a lot better than Justice League and I would say it’s up there with Wonder Woman. The sea creatures were absolutely incredible, especially the ginormous and more mythic creatures of Aquaman.

We noticed a lot of people left during the credit scenes and usually, I would scoff at them and call them rookies. However, DC hasn’t really been renowned for post-credit scenes, so I did give them a pass. I for one (and others too) decided to wait it out and see what happens. Luck would have it, that there is 1 post-credit scene. If you go to watch it then please stay until this part.

Without giving any spoilers, it doesn’t lead up to another DC Universe character’s movie plot. (Cough! The Flash. Cough!). Instead, it’s leading up to a second Aquaman movie which in my eyes is fantastic news. I’ll embed the trailer to it in case you haven’t already watched. Please do, the trailer is incredible.

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