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Windows 10 UWP Web Wrapper App Release

At the beginning of this week, I had decided to give myself a little project of creating an app for the Windows 10 ecosystem. I wanted to my website to be a Windows 10 app and I wanted to create this with as little effort as possible.

After a little searching around, I managed to find Project Westminster. You can use Visual Studio to create a web app which is a wrapper for your site, but I remember reading that you can use a web-based version and have something created for you with 0 code.

This is where I found Windows App Studio a free tool which gets you creating Windows 10 apps without the need to know any code. It was as simple as adding my site URL, uploading a few icons and screenshots and then generating the code to publish it to the store.

I then downloaded my generated my code, submitted it to the app store and just two days later, I had a lovely Windows 10 UWP app. This app can be used on mobile, tablets, desktop and even the Xbox One and Hololens. That is some crazy platforms with minimal effort.

If you would like to see my work, you can check it out with this link. I would love to create a proper native app somewhere down the road, but I will need to invest my time in learning C# and hopefully, in time I can create some amazing Windows 10 apps.

I’m already excited for the Hololens and Xbox One development tools and am keeping an eye with the Windows Insider builds. Now is a pretty exciting time for Windows 10.


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