A new way to support my blog

Over the past week, I decided to sign up to Ko-Fi and create a profile. It gives you a way to support me for what I do. Also, I can also reward you for supporting me. Over the week, my rewards evolved.

You can buy me a coffee for as little as £3 and get a support badge on my Discord community. You will also be rewarded with a link to a website of your choice. The link will be displayed on my sponsors page, and it will be in the sponsors section of my newsletter issues and podcast episodes. Finally, you will also get a personal thank you from me, and be mentioned in a future podcast episode.

That sounds like a pretty good deal to me and you can have it all for £3. However, you’re not limited to purchasing one coffee. You can purchase as many as you’d like depending on how much value you feel I have given you.

Please also follow me on there as I’m constantly posting updates about my website, podcast and newsletter.

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