ALTERN8Devon reaches their 1 year live stream anniversary

ALTERN8Devon are my kind of people. They DJ rock and metal music at pubs and clubs in Devon. I first heard these guys DJ at The Cavern and John Gandy’s in Exeter during New Years 2019/2020. They were awesome, and my wife and I had a great evening.

We wanted to see them again but 2020 was a shitshow. This time last year they decided to start streaming their DJ sets live at 9pm a few times a week. I’ve popped in when I can and always enjoy the chat between them and the viewers. They put on a great show, choose great music and take requests from their listeners.

Overall, they are quality and deserve a larger audience. If you’re into rock and/or metal and looking to join a group of likeminded people then I recommend you check them out. They stream at 9pm GMT (soon to be GMT+1). I really hope they keep going with the streams, and they gather a larger support group.

Check them out and give them a follow!

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