Fireworks which explode to say 2021

Hello January, Goodbye December 2020

I want to start this blog post off by wishing all my readers (past, present and future) a happy new year. I hope it’s better than in 2020, and I hope everyone can prosper in the year to come. Last month wasn’t very eventful. My wife and I had a few pet sitting clients, and we spent Christmas and new year at home.

Last month was a good year for blog posts. In total, I posted 12 posts, which was a lot more than November. If you would like to know what they were, then I have listed them below. Please feel free to click on them and explore my blog.


Last months blog posts

What’s in store for January?

Honestly, I’m really not sure at the minute as we have no plans. With COVID still lurking around, and all the tier stuff going on. I don’t think we’re really able to plan anything right now.

What are your plans for next month? Have you got anything you’re really excited about? Let me know in the comments below. 🔽

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