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I’m usually very excited to compete at the CrossFit open, and it’s always fun to get involved with the community. I love seeing where I rank each year compared to the previous, and I love cheering people on or being cheered on by others.

The CrossFit open is heaps of fun, and on a normal year, I would 100% recommend it. However, this year is no normal year, and the past year has been far from normal, too. For most of the past 12 months, I have spent my time indoors and not working out. I tried to do workouts at home, but I’ve concluded that it isn’t for me.

I would much rather work out in a CrossFit gym, and because of this, my fitness has been lacking. Also, this isn’t the only reason. Another reason is that the competition will be done at home. There is a choice of home workouts and gym workouts, but we will still be in lockdown during the event.

Personally, a home CrossFit competition isn’t for me, I tried it last year, and it didn’t work. I haven’t got the motivation or discipline to compete at home. If I could compete at the gym, then it would most definitely be a different story.

What are your thoughts on this years open?

I would love to know what you think and if you’re in the same boat. Will you be able to compete at the gym, or will you be stuck at home? As always, let me know in the comments below.

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