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Favourite connections of the year 2020

It’s been 2 years since my last “favourite connections of the year”. This year has been a little rubbish, and I feel it’s a perfect time to bring it back. I feel like I have made a ton of new friends online this year, and if I miss anyone out, I do apologise.

There have been many tech peeps which I have made great connections with this year. This includes Emmett Naughton, Kurt Kemple, Josh, Damon Chen, Rosie Sherry, Erika Heidi, and Riley Quin.

Emmett is an aspiring developer and father. He’s looking to break into the tech industry and land his first paid job. He has already completed his first freelance project, and I have every bit of faith that he will achieve his goal.

Kurt Kemple is a CrossFitter much like myself, which is where the connection sparked. He has supported me throughout the year, and I have also tried to do the same in return. He’s very passionate about everything he does, and he’s an all-round lovely person.

Josh and I have only just met each other. However, our interactions have been very nice, and he’s a really nice person. I enjoy reading his tweets and joining in conversations with him. Really, I hope he and his company “PrimCloud” go far in life.

Damon was spotted on Indie Hackers, and he created a really cool website called It was the first set up to help lonely working from home developers create quick dev updates, and connect to other developers. His site has since grown, and he renamed it to indielog due to the amount of different content uploaded. Damon has been accommodating and has been very supportive of me this year. Which I am very thankful for. He always seems to be releasing project after project, and I think many of them will go far. He will also go very far in life.

Rosie is another Indie Hacker, and she manages their social media. Which on the surface probably sounds easy. However, I think managing social media is a lot harder than most people expect. She’s an awesome and supportive person and is always open to talk. I love seeing her content on IH, and I even subscribed to her newsletter (which I suggest you do too). She shares her wins, and mistakes so we can all learn from her.

Erika is lovely. She’s a PHP developer just like me, and she works for Digital Ocean. During the week, she will go live. She will either create a programming project or a 3D printed project. They’re always fun to watch, and I’ve honestly learnt so much from her. If programming or 3D printing is your thing, then you should check her out.

Riley uses Coil’s platform, which I recently joined (you can read my review here). My content got featured on the platform, and she tweeted to me about it. This was our first interaction, and she congratulated me on the feature. It was great to see how supportive she is, and I started reading her fascinating posts. She has a lot to say, and she also sings really well. You can take a look at her writing here and follow her YouTube channel too. She’s another great person to talk to and is very open to listening if you need to speak to her.

My list slowly grew as I was writing this, and I’m sure I have missed out so many people. If you were missed out, please don’t be upset. If we have spoken at any time this year, then you should know I cherish our conversations. Also, I want to take a minute and thank every single person I’ve spoken to this year, whether it was just a passing hello, or a full on chat. Thank you for being a part of my 2020, and I hope we can speak again soon.

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